Apequeno Della Grandozza

We just got Apequeno from Roland and Kata at Della Grandozza. Excellent communication and shipping to California was a breeze. They handled everything. If you are nervous about buying overseas, don't be. Late night and early morning correspondence to get over the time difference was awesome. Video,pics,and anything else I had questions about. Thanks Roland and Kata, we love him

Mike and Michele Moser from Malin, Oregon U.S.


Vida Della Grandozza

Hi my name is Armando I'm from California the USA just want to share a little about my experience with Roland and my first mastiff well I did a lot of research and looking around but could not fine a good quality mastiff breed around my area and pure bred so was a little worried about looking out of the USA and shipping one out from another country but I found Della Grandozza on Instagram and then went into there website and looked promising so I went ahead and got in touch with Roland and he answered all my questions I had and made me feel very good about getting one of his pupps and he gave me all of his information and right away I put a deposit and after that waited a few weeks for the new member of the family and in that wait he never lost contact with me he send me videos and pictures of our female in till she arrived to the airport ready for me to pick her up he made sure.I had received her and my female is now 8 months old and we are so happy with her she is a great pet and great with my kids she is really a gentle giant and great with my other just want to thank you Roland for everything and for making this experience a great one cant wait for my next mastiff from you . (Armando Torres - California - U.S.)

Venice Della Grandozza

Sziasztok! V�gre megadatott a lehet�s�g, hogy saj�t kuck�t v�s�rolhattam, �s term�szetesen kerestem egy h� t�rsat, most m�r mondhatom Venice szem�ly�ben(Kutyus) A Della Grandozza Mastino Napoletano Kennel volt ebben seg�ts�gemre, �s Purzsa Roland a Kennel tulajdonosa! Ez�ton is szeretn�m megk�sz�nni seg�t�k�szs�g�t, figyelmess�g�t ami a mai napig is fenn�ll! Ritka, hogy ennyire figyelmesen k�vess�k a kutyus �let�t,az �j otthon�ba ker�l�se ut�n is! Amikor mellett�k d�nt�ttem, mindenk�ppen fontos volt sz�momra hogy ellen�rizhet� helyr�l v�s�roljam meg h� t�rsamat! Roland igaz�n szak�rt�je a fajt�nak �s ami fontos, hogy szereti is tiszteli is a fajt�t! �s itt mondan�k kedves�nek is k�sz�netet, kedvess�g��rt �s a finom kv-�rt ! Egy igaz�n csal�d centrikus k�rnyezet fogadott, na �s a kutyusok! R�luk csak sz�pet �s j�t tudok mondani! Venice a kiv�lasztottam minden elk�pzel�semet fel�lm�lta, �s nap mint nap meglepet�st okoz! Nagyon okos kutyus! Mindenre figyel, m�r most jelez ha valami szokatlan hangot hall, nagyon j� g�nhordoz�! �s t�nyleg igaz, nem hagyja el a ter�let�t �nsz�nt�b�l, ezt misem bizony�tja jobban hogy a ker�t�st m�g csak tavasszal tudom meg�p�teni �s most szabad a telekre a bej�r�s. Venice b�szk�n, hat�rozottan v�di a lak�st �s terasz�t! Csak ha h�vom akkor j�n le �s folyton figyeli merre megyek! �lm�ny egy ilyen kutyus! Roland mondta is, ha ezt a kutyus fajt�t v�lasztom szerelem lesz bel�le, �s igaza volt! Lassan a p�rom is f�lt�keny lesz... Csak aj�nlani tudom mindenkinek, aki t�nyleg egy nagyszer� fajt�t keres �s hozz��rt� Kennelt! Itt mindent megtal�l egy helyen! Szak�rtelem, figyelem, megb�zhat�s�g jellemzi a Della Grandozza Mastino Napoletano Kennel-t!! Nagy k�sz�net Roland!!! (Szalai L�szl�)